At Finvoy Fun Farm you will get the chance to see, meet and even hold a wide variety of animals. Here are some of the animals that you will see on your visit.



You will see some our young sheep on the visit to Finvoy, there are even a couple of pet lambs that you will get a chance to meet and pet.

Furry Friends

Meet our rabbits, guinea pigs and chipmunks in our animal shed. You will love our little ,cute, furry friends.


Our two female reindeer Bambi and Bracken regularly work for Santa Claus at Christmas giving Dancer and Prancer a night off !

Ducks & Chickens

We have a wide variety of ducks, chickens and geese that stroll around the farm and the duck pond, you can buy bread to feed them with. Don’t forget to visit the turkey house and see our big turkeys.

Pot Bellied Pigs

We keep the lovely pot bellied pigs at Finvoy Fun Farm, don’t worry they aren’t as grumpy as they look !


We have some goats on the farm, see if you can spot them when you visit.


we are still very much a working farm and have many cows and calfs wandering the fields around the farm.